Hundreds of Christians have spent many hours in our counseling office learning how to apply the Scriptural teachings of Jesus Christ to their everyday lives and circumstances. The result their lives were wonderfully changed for the better and they discovered a practical lifestyle that helps them live productive and worry-free lives.

In recent years, we’ve developed an easy and affordable way to help thousands of our friends through CDs.

We ask for a donation to help us defray the costs of materials, postage, and handling and to support our ministry. Pick out the albums you wish to own and mail your order to : SingleVISION MInistries, 7217 McNeil Drive, Ste 109, Austin, TX 78728 A $10 donation per album is recommended. A suggested donation of $50 is requested for our album on POSITIONAL TRUTH IN MARRIAGE. THANK YOU.

(Receive hundreds of dollars worth of counseling.)

Our newest album brings you the most successful marriage counseling: POSITIONAL TRUTH IN MARRIAGE by A. Gene Veal.

The Christian Couple – 3 hours

by Jackson Boyett
Listen to Jackson Boyett expound the Word of God regarding the role of the wife, the husband, and parents. These three hours of teaching could help you to have the marriage you have always dreamed of having.

Click Here to read more about The Christian Couple.

Being Present to God – 4 hours

by A. Gene Veal

What comfort is it to know that God is omni-present, or everywhere present, when you feel so alone? Have you ever felt that God was no where near you? How can you know that He is near when you cannot feel His presence?

Learn to make His presence an evident reality to you. When you seek refuge under the shadow of His tent, you can find a peace that passes all understanding.

Learn how to come into His presence and to practice His perfect presence every day of your life.

A Single Vision Life Style – 4 hours

by A. Gene Veal

An actual case history of how Joseph applied SingleVision principles to save his life and family. These lessons have helped many Christians to see this valuable truth of God’s sovereignty in life’s situations.
Let these lessons help you succeed in living care-free life style.

Click here to read about SingleVISION Living.

SEE GOD – Most High & Almighty – 2 hours

by A. Gene Veal

Our God is incredible! He is capable of great miracles. This album will help you see Him as Most High and Almighty in your life.
Enjoy this practical look application of Psalm 91. See how God’s Word is relevant for today’s Christian living in union with the God Who never changes.

Dealing with STRESS – 2 hours

by A. Gene Veal

These are days of Stress. Deal with it as God says, not as the world says. Learn a supernatural calm and rest in the infinite supply of our loving Father.

It is about time Christians stop turning to “Egypt” for help and rely on God the way God’s Word tells them. Let’s stop looking for a formula that some clever mind has concocted, some psychological approach. Let’s return to God’s Word and discover God’s way.

See how David applied God’s principles. Mail your order today.

Glimpses in Galatians – 3 hours

by A. Gene Veal
Rules, rules, rules. Are you fed up with all the rules? Are you tired of never measuring up? Can’t even meet your own standards? Get this album. Live in the freedom you were called to.

This album will give you an overview of the Book of Galatians that will bring everything into focus. Read the epistle several times and then settle back and listen to these teaching cds. The Word will come alive to you in a new and exciting way.

Mail your order to the address below. Do it today!

Christian Praying – Volume I – 3 hours

by A. Gene Veal

Prayer is the most important part of your Christian life. Hear how Jesus said to pray, about addressing God as your Father, His reign, and His Name.

You may want to get all four albums. Click here to read about the albums available on prayer.

This is one of our most popular series. Your prayer life will change for the better after hearing these lessons.

Mail your order in today. Our address is listed below.

The Fruit of the Spirit – “LOVE” – 3 hours

by A. Gene Veal


There are different kinds of love. Love as He loves you. Learn a life of love. You can’t do it on your own. Learn how to “walk in the Spirit.” These teachings could change your life, especially if you are burdened and weary and approaching “burnout.”
You can’t “work it up.” The Spirit of Christ in you has to produce His kind of love. Discover the “easy” way that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 11:28.

Mail your order to the address below today. You will be glad you did.

Are You A Victim? – 2 hours

by A. Gene Veal


So many Christians are bound by an event in their past. Learn how to be free of that experience that hurt you so badly.

Learn if you have sick love. Not all love is of God. These cds could help you learn God’s way of loving.

Mail your order for these liberating lessons today. Our address is listed below.

Forgive, HOW? – 3 hours

by A. Gene Veal

Has someone hurt you? Were you abused? Have you been lied about? What is the Christian thing to do? Get help for your conflict, a key to forgiving.
Have you ever heard the admonition to “forgive and forget.” Find out how that is a misunderstanding of forgiving. Get free of the burden of unforgiveness. Enter into God’s way of forgiveness.

These lessons can be very helpful for you or for someone you love who is having a problem with forgiveness.

Mail your order today. Our address is listed below.

Christian Giving – 3 hours

by A. Gene Veal
Learn what the Bible really teaches about giving. You may be amazed at what you hear. It could free you from unnecessary guilt.

The “tithe” may not be what you have always thought it to be. Is there more to know about giving? These three hours of teaching are well researched and practical.

Order these cds today and discover the Scriptural truth about giving the way God’s Word teaches.

Mail your order to the address listed below.

We ask for a donation to cover our costs and support our ministry. Please mail $15 per album ordered to cover the cost of materials and shipping. A donation of $50 is requested for our album on POSITIONAL TRUTH IN MARRIAGE.



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If you would like to get more information, call us at 512-454-9779. We accept Master Card and Visa.

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