Seeing God in All Things

by A. Gene Veal

There once was a very just and honorable man who had a reputation as a caring and good person. He loved God and hated evil. He was true in all his ways, a good family man, wealthy and envied by all that knew him. Many felt that such a man deserved only the best things in life.

One day everything came crashing down on his head. It proved to be the worst day of his life. He received notice that all of his financial assets had been seized. The same day a fire destroyed most his physical assets and they were not insured. He was totally bankrupt, but that wasnt the worst of it. The lives of his ten children were snuffed out in a freak accident.

Could anyone encounter such suffering and still have faith in God? Where was God when all of this was happening? How could he believe that God loved him? How does a man worship a God that allows such tragedy?

Could anything else go wrong? Yes. He came down with a serious illness that left his body wracked with pain. He couldnt move without experiencing excruciating pain. So heaped on top of all his emotional grief and financial loss was this struggle with his physical health.

I can tell you what he was told to do. His wife, who would not be comforted in her grief, told him to just curse God and die. She was fed up with her husband, his God, his faith, his lot in life. She was destroyed by the sequence of events.

I can tell you what he did do. He said, “I came into this world with nothing and I will leave this world with nothing. It was God Who gave it and it was God Who took it. Shall I expect to just receive good from His hand and not evil? No, everything comes from Him Who loves me and I will praise the Name of God in it all. May His Name be praised forever.”

This is a true story. It is the story of a man named Job.

What do you think? Did Job do wrong to say that he “saw” God in all that happened? Was he wrong to say that God did this and that God was to be praised? The Bible says of him, “In all of this, Job sinned not with his lips, nor charged God foolishly.”

In His last statement Job tells of his development in the SingleVISION principle which corresponds to the New Testament Scripture about the “eye”, Matthew 6:22-23. He says in Job 42:5, “I had heard of You only by the hearing of the ear; but now my spiritual eye sees You.” Amplified Bible

Yes, Job was commended for “seeing God in all things.”

Another man was hated by his brothers. His father loved him, but his brothers couldnt stand the sight of him. They actually plotted to kill him, but instead, they sold him as a slave. His name was Joseph. You can hear about him choosing to “see God” when you order our album entitled “A SingleVISION Life-Style.”

When Joseph referred to his trip to Egypt, having been carried in a cage tied to the side of a camel, he says, “God was with him.” When he was later framed by his masters wife and sent to prison unjustly, he says that “God was with him.” “God was with him” became the most common expression of Joseph describing his tortured existence.

What do you think? Was Joseph a fool to say such a thing? Was he crazy to “see God in all things?”

No. Joseph was actually used by God to deliver Egypt and Israel from a horrible seven-year famine. In fact, when Joseph was reunited with his brothers and also immediately after his aged father Jacobs death, he expressed his SingleVISION this way. He said, “You meant this for evil, but God meant it for good.”

Joseph, are you sure? After all that you have been through and all you have suffered, can you just say, “Praise the Lord! God works in everything for our good?” Yes. He told his brothers that, “God sent me into Egypt to preserve our lives.”

Did you catch that? “God sent him.” If you went by appearances, it sure looked like his brothers sent him into Egypt.

Like Joseph, the end of Jobs life proved more gloriously blessed than the beginning. Job ended up with twice as much of everything he once had and the same number of children, ten more. Actually, if you consider the resurrection, Job had twice as many children, too.

No matter what your circumstances are, no matter how difficult and painful, there is a way to look “through” the problems and “see God.” We have dedicated over 20 years to teaching Christians to discover this beautiful life changing principle. Perhaps you too could benefit from these teachings.

If you would like to learn how to deal with your situation in much the same way as Job and Joseph did, perhaps our SingleVISION Teaching Cassettes could help you. They have helped so many in so many different situations.

You can discover a peace that passes all understanding and a calm, care-free life-style to see our loving God in all things. The joy of the Lord can be your strength. Let us help you. Order our teaching cds today!

Learn how Joseph lived the SingleVISION Life, order our teaching cd entitled: “A SingleVISION Life-Style”

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