Marriage Test

Score the answers as follows:

Score “0” for every answer that is “ALMOST NEVER.”

Score “1” for every answer that is “ONCE IN AWHILE.”

Score “2” for every answer that is “FREQUENTLY.”

(Print the test and add up the scores.)

The Test

______  Disagreements escalate into fights and accusations, criticisms, name-calling, or bringing up the past.

______   My spouse puts down my opinions, feelings, or desires.

______   My spouse seems to see me as being negative when I am not.

______   In solving problems, it seems like we are on opposite sides.

______   I don’t tell my spouse what I feel or what I really think.

______   I think about being with someone else.

______   I am lonely in this relationship.

______   When we disagree, one of us doesn’t want to talk about it.


(Score the test then look at the results on the next page)

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