Marriage and Family Counseling


Man and woman on couch being counseled

It is perhaps the most successful counseling.



Over the past 20 years we have counseled many Christians regarding their marriage and family difficulties.  Using the Scriptures as our foundation, we have seen an extremely high percentage of successes.  We know of no other marital counseling that has the degree of impact reported by those counseled. Broken couples and broken marriages have been mended with a bond that had never been known before counseling.

Positional Truth comes from the Scriptures.
As the Scriptures are applied to each situation over and over again, a system of truth has emerged that we refer to as “POSITIONAL TRUTH.” The concept is the same as any law that God has established. Take the law of gravity; If you do not co-operate with the law of gravity you will get hurt.

There are certain laws we must learn.
Not knowing the law of gravity does not exempt you from the consequences of breaking it.  Nor does not knowing the law we call “POSITIONAL TRUTH” exempt you from the consequences of breaking it.  We only use the term ‘positional’ to refer to this system of teaching, but again, what we are teaching is nothing new.  It is the same truth that goes as far back as the Garden of Eden.  We have all broken this “law” and probably will again, but to know about it does make a difference.  Don’t remain in the dark about this important Biblical teaching.


First see if certain problems do exist.
We have prepared a little “test” to help you see a particular area of possible problems.  In order to gain a realistic picture of your relationship; please answer each of the following questions in terms of your relationship with your spouse.

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