Immorality – Depression – Hopelessness – Loveless Marriage

plant taking root in sidewalk crackI began counseling with SingleVISION Ministries while suffering from severe depression. After twelve years of marriage my wife and I had grown so distant that there had been no intimacy in over fourteen months. I had lost my effectiveness as a father and my career was going nowhere. I had become addicted to sinful activities not spoken of in Christian circles and felt too ashamed to confide in my Christian friends.

At the end of my rope and ready to commit suicide, I turned to SingleVISION Ministries. After my first counseling session, it was clear that SingleVISION’s approach was radically different from typical Christian and secular counseling.

You will not find the latest psychological theories and treatments here, techniques to pick yourself up and build your self-esteem, or the usual pop how-to’s to an effective marriage or Christian walk. There is instead a single-minded focus on sound scriptural application tailored to one’s individual circumstances. Unlike many conservative Christian counselors the judgmental matter-of-fact approach to the scriptural do’s and don’ts is also entirely absent.

My SingleVISION counselor became my partner in battle, not my judge. He had the necessary years of actual experience with problems like my own among genuine Christians to be able to provide hope as well as accurate, practical and effective guidance. Prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit were his allies rather than the latest techniques or popular books.

Today, my life has undergone a dramatic change. The Lord has revitalized my marriage. My wife and I have a level of honesty, trust, intimacy and attraction beyond anything we have experienced before. I am excited, and have accepted a job on the path to my dream career. I am experiencing genuine power from the Holy Spirit to resist temptation. I have become an effective father to my children.

I know that I have only the Lord to thank for these changes, but I know that the Holy Spirit used SingleVISION Ministries as one of His means in achieving this end. I strongly recommend SingleVISION Ministries to any born again Christian who may be going through that dark valley where God seems distant.

If you have cut yourself off from your fellow Christians out of shame for that unspeakable sin, SingleVISION can show you the Lord has been by your side all along, and help you to battle off the demons of despair. No matter how horrible your crime, how deep your shame, or dark your despair, if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, I am confident SingleVISION Ministries can help.

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