I Just Want To Say…

clock balancing on tight ropeI just want to say that so far this series has been a great blessing for me in reminding me of the ways that the Lord wants me to handle stressful situations. A major weakness in the flesh for me is to allow anxiety to overwhelm me and this too often leads to battles against the world, the flesh, and the evil one. Through this tape series I am reminded once again to turn my fears and worries over to the Lord. I must confess that this is not easy for me to do. A couple of years ago I started trying to take back the control that I had surrendered to the Lord. Before being converted by the Lord I always wanted to be in control of all situations of my life most likely due to the divorce of my parents when I was five years old.The Lord responded, as a good Father, with bringing many trials and tribulations into my life, some them very traumatic. After listening to three of the tapes in the series I have been greatly encouraged to turn my desire to control my life and, too often, the lives of others over to the Lord. I have also been encouraged to turn my fears and anxieties over to Him as well. You are also helping me draw closer to the Lord, though this too is being met with resistance. These tapes are a very good tool to use in addition to the best of all tools, the Holy Bible. So thank you for this ministry.

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